Shirt tattoo rock & roll

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"I love mom" is a tattoo Fred is thinking about getting one day. This shirt is perfect for the rocker with a rebellious attitude. The tattoo design gives off a punk vibe, while the bold rock and roll part adds a perfect touch for any rocker or punk enthusiast. Show off your rebellious side in style with this unique rock & roll / tattoo shirt! What’s the story behind this cool shirt? Fred's tatoo rock & roll shirt has a modern fit and can be worn by all body types. It is made out of high quality and has a classic button fastening. On the inside of the left cuff there is 'A fish named Fred' embroidered in colourful letters. At the bottom of the shirt 4 different colours of buttons are placed. These 4 buttons read ‘AFNF' which forms the initials for A fish named Fred. Hidden in the print design there is our logo fish, try to find it!

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