Fred's lifestyle brand

Posted by A fish named Fred on 25th Apr 2023

Fred's lifestyle brand

A Fish Named Fred is a brand that rocks the fashion world with its striking, colourful and bold clothing style. But it is more than just a clothing brand - it is a complete lifestyle brand. 

If you thought it stopped with just clothes, you're wrong! A Fish Named Fred is now also going to sell tableware in collaboration with Heinen Delft Blue! And these plates are not just any tableware, no, they are real statement pieces for your home. A Fish Named Fred's delft blue plates are unique and fit the brand. 

By collaborating with Heinen Delftware, traditional painting techniques are combined with the creativity and vibrancy of A Fish Named Fred. The result is breathtaking and will definitely attract the attention of your guests! This collaboration between A Fish Named Fred and Heinen Delftware offers you, the customer, the chance to bring a piece of the brand's vibrant lifestyle into your home. 

A Fish Named Fred is much more than just a clothing brand - it's a complete lifestyle that reflects your unique personality. Whether it is clothing, tableware, accessories, home decoration or cava, Fred continues to surprise time and again with unique and eye-catching products that suit a vibrant personality. 

Try out Fred's lifestyle and get more out of the Fred way than just your clothes! 

Check the plates out here