Sustainable Fred

Posted by A fish Named Fred on 7th Jan 2023

Sustainable Fred

Sustainability of Fred’s collection


A fish named Fred shirts are made with cotton that is BCI certified the partner farmers know how to use water efficiently, care for the health of the soil and natural habitats, reduce use of harmful chemicals and apply decent work principals.

GOTS certification

A fish named Fred’s knits, tees and polo’s are all made with GOTS certification. This means we use sustainable production processes that meet with their standards. The dying of these items happen in a natural way and no chemicals are being used.

The production facilities take good care of their workers and so do we at our office and in stores. All production is according the high standard of GOTS.


The inner lining of all down jackets are made of 100% recycled nylon, we have 4 fabrics in our collection that are made from recycled polyester, these are made from recycled materials such as used plastic bottles and ocean waste.


The sustainable development goals are 17 goals created by the United States. They are being promoted as worldwide goals for sustainable developing that needs to be implemented in every country by 2030.

Of course A fish named Fred has already made some decisions to implement a lot of these goals in their business concept right now.