Introducing: The Fred Classics

Posted by A fish named Fred on 7th Jan 2023

Introducing: The Fred Classics

The Fred Classics

Over the past ten years, A fish named Fred has developed a lot of cool prints. Colorful and often humorous, but always original with a funky twist. For the Fred Fans, we delved deep into the archives to get the best prints back to the surface. 

From now on you can buy these flashbacks (or should we say throwbacks) of the first deliveries online and in the A fish named Fred brandstore. A real LimiFred Edition!

You can choose from these 8 stunning prints: Delft Blue, Racing cars, Koi carp, Mixed Guitars, NY-Street Signs, Mexican Skulls, Colorful Fish and a shirt with red crabs.

Delft blue

The Delft blue theme is not only used in our shirts, but also on our Fred beer cover and the matching coasters. A typical Dutch theme! You can also find this print as a rug, on our note blocks and on our wine bottles.

Racing cars

The racing cars print was designed when Fred still had several themes per collection. This print was designed for the Retro Racer theme in the winter of 2018 and consists of retro racing cars.

Koi carp

The Koi carp print was created in the winter of 2018 for the collection theme: Tokyo trip. This print has several koi carps on it.

Mixed Guitars

One of the most recent prints! The Mixed Guitar print was designed for the collection theme: Fredfestival! A real musical theme with different models of guitars.

NY Street Signs

FRED GOES NEW YORK! The print NY street signs print was created for the winter collection in 2017. The print consists of different street names. For example, you can find the Fred street and the fashion street. All very appropriate names of course! And if you look closely you can see that Times Square is depicted in the background.

Mexican Skulls

This Mexican print originates from the summer of 2020 for the collection theme: Latin Vibes. The print consists of different types of sugar skulls. Did you know that each sugar skull represents a deceased loved one?


The crabs print was created in the summer of 2020 for the collection theme: Latin vibes. The print consists of a collection of red crabs.

Colorful fish

The print with the colorful fish is a print from summer 2018 for the collection theme: Miami art deco. This is one of the oldest prints and is a real bestseller!

Mermaid navy red

A special print created in Winter 2021 for the collection theme: Fred on deck. This specific print is in collaboration with a tattoo artist. 

Visit the Fred Classic page on our website for more inspiration.