Behind the scenes of a collection shoot

Posted by A fish named Fred on 27th Feb 2023

Behind the scenes of a collection shoot

Exciting news! 

Fred is off to Brazil, and he's been busy behind the scenes working on his latest collection. And guess what? It's finally here and it's fabulous! 

The new Fred goes Brazil collection has just launched, bringing with it a wave of fresh fashion and stunning visuals. But have you ever wondered how those gorgeous shots came to life? 

Well, let us take you behind the scenes! The shoot took place on the beautiful tropical island of Spain, Ibiza.  With two Spanish models from DCModels who were absolutely sizzling in the tropical heat. In just two days, the team managed to capture an impressive 207 photos that we're thrilled to share with you. The shoot was truly an unforgettable experience, with the sun beating down on the team as they worked tirelessly to capture the perfect shots. But despite the intense heat, everyone kept their cool and maintained their focus, determined to get the job done. 

As the shoot drew to a close, there was one final surprise in store for the team. They decided to mark the occasion with a last dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, a fitting end to an incredible few days. 

The resulting collection showcases the vibrant and eclectic spirit of Brazil, with its bold colors and playful patterns. Each piece is a masterpiece, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Brazilian culture in a unique and authentic way. This collection has it all and is sure to be a hit with fashion lovers everywhere. 

So don't wait, head over to Fred's website now and check out the incredible new collection for yourself. With its stunning visuals, sultry vibes, and sizzling models, it's sure to take your breath away!

Check out this fun clip we made: