A fish named Fred x Mimesis Orchids

Posted by A fish named Fred on 14th Feb 2023

A fish named Fred x Mimesis Orchids

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Fred fell in love! Read about it below...

A fish named Fred and Mimesis. 

Two brands from Dutch soil with a drive to connect, surprise and inspire. 

During our first date, the spark immediately struck. Together we created something special.... 

This summer, A fish named Fred's collection is all about Brazil. Who thinks of Brazil, thinks of soccer, carnival, jungle and ... orchids! 

Together we developed a cool orchid print which you can now see in Fred's clothing! 

How cool is that? And of course Mimesis also carry this through in the orchids. 

Curious? Check out this fun clip we made:

If you want to surprise your love with a beautiful orchid and know more about Mimesis Orchids, check it out here.