A "bee" named Fred

Posted by A fish named Fred on 13th Jan 2023

A "bee" named Fred

A bee Named Fred! In other words, the new name for the house of our new friends: Bee's! 

Last summer we introduced a new project to be part of the bee community and help the ecosystem. The benefits of apiculture extend to local agriculture. 

We made a lovely home for these bees in the garden of our office, Even their house is in Fred style! 

At this moment our bee's are in a hibernation but when the spring season begins, these bees will produce honey again. Fred's honey is made by over 10.000 bee's and is 100% pure flower honey. With the help of beekeeper Pim Lemmers, one of the most famous beekeepers of The Netherlands. A beekeeper with a passion for bee's for over 35 years. 

We can now enjoy our own honey in the kitchen of Fred. 

Can you spot the bee home when you drive past our office?

"I'm a sweet catch!"