Shirt jersey sand

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Was: €89.95
This amazing shirt can't be missing from your wardrobe. Mix it with one of Fred's blazers or waistcoats! Look close and you can see the inside print, watch out! A skier coming at you! Available in different colours. Our shirt has a modern fit and can be worn by all body types. It is made out of a high quality and has a classic button fastening. On the inside of the left cuff there is 'A fish named Fred' embroided in colourful letters. At the bottom of the shirt 4 different colours of buttons are placed. These 4 buttons read ‘AFNF' which form the initials for A fish named Fred. Hidden in the print design there is our logo fish, try to find it! This shirt is perfect for men who believe life is too short to be average. A true Fred wants to stand out of the grey mass. Fabric: 100% cotton. Colour: Sand.

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