Making off

Inspired by theme

Every collection, Fred and his team of designers come up with a concept and build an entire collection around it.

These themes can vary from season to season and can range from crazy to usefull, abstract to concrete. Each collection is a reflection of Fred's creativity and his ability to think outside the box.


The themes of Fred's collections can be inspired by a wide range of sources, including nature, culture, art, history, and technology. For example, a collection's theme might be based on a trip fred makes; Frosty Fred or the beautifull country Brazil.


Once the theme is established, Fred and his team set to work creating a collection that reflects the central concept in every detail. This includes choosing fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures that fit the theme, as well as designing garments that capture the essence of the concept.


A fish named Fred chooses their fabrics by hand, Fred's design team travels across the world to find the best fabrics and threads for you! All the shirts are made out of 97% cotton and blazers can differ in fabric depending on the style.